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At Children's First Sports we play with a purpose. The activity-based curriculum motivates students to be physically active and make healthy choices for a healthy body. We introduce children to a wide variety of sports and give them the opportunity to try new things. Many activities teach collaboration and teamwork while also solo sports foster a sense of healthy competition to strive for greatness.


We empower children to explore new activities, learn new skills, and find their passion. It's so inspiring to watch a student try something new or challenging and find the courage to believe in themselves!


Age-Appropriate Classes. Students as early as 3 years old can be grouped according to their ability levels, which fosters deeper friendships with classmates in and outside of school hours and ensures that all children are set up for success.
Engaging Curriculum. Every class integrates proven teaching strategies and will engage students with creative challenges.
All-Year Activities. This enrichment program is online and is flexible. You choose when and where the activities will take place. At home, child care center, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. You have access to a structured gross motor skills program on demand.
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